How Can You Combat A Loss Of Libido During Menopause?

11 August 2020
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If you're going through (or have recently gone through) menopause and are beginning to notice a serious drop in your sex drive, you're not alone. The hormonal changes that accompany menopause can wreak havoc on your sex drive. However, there are a number of different supplements and creams that can help replenish these hormones, helping you retain your sex drive even while your body is changing. Learn more about one of these supplements, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Read More …

Why ADHD Evaluations Are Important For Undiagnosed Children Who May Be Struggling

7 August 2020
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Although ADHD diagnosis has advanced and become better over the years, many children still fall through the cracks because they don't get evaluated. And this is a problem because ADHD left undiagnosed may affect a person's entire life and make it harder for them to succeed. Therefore, parents of a child who is struggling should seriously consider an ADHD evaluation. The Problems Associated With ADHD ADHD is one of those conditions that can be somewhat hard to diagnose and understand. Read More …

Why Mold Remediation Should Be Done As Quickly As Possible

6 August 2020
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If mold remediation needs to be done in your home — such as if your home was recently flooded or if it had a major plumbing leak — then you need to have it done as soon as you can. Luckily, there are mold remediation firms that can help. You shouldn't wait too long before contacting a mold remediation company, however; instead, you should get in contact with one of these companies as soon as possible for these reasons and more. Read More …

Pros And Cons Of Over-The-Counter GERD Treatment

3 August 2020
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Medications are available to treat just about any health issue you can imagine, and GERD treatment is no different. If you are experiencing severe heartburn, it is important to always talk to your health care provider as this might be a symptom of a bigger issue, but if you are trying to treat heartburn on your own, consider the following pros and cons of heartburn medication for part of your GERD treatment journey. Read More …

Is Physical Therapy Really Necessary?

30 July 2020
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If you are suffering from pain or another debilitating issue, a physician will often prescribe physical therapy as a remedy. For a host of reasons, people decide to skip their sessions, opting instead to avoid exercise or work out on their own. This can have dangerous physical and economic consequences. In this article, you'll discover three major reasons why you should never skip physical therapy. 1. Reduced Medical Bills Physical therapy can lower treatment costs by 72% when it is the first management strategy for pain. Read More …