Starting a Dental Practice? Questions You May Have About EO Sterilization

Starting a Dental Practice? Questions You May Have About EO Sterilization

13 October 2020
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If you are starting or buying a dental practice, you need to supply your dentist and auxiliary staff with appropriate sterilization devices. Sterilization is required to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases between patients. And once you have your sterilization methods in place, you need to test their efficacy regularly with biological indicators. You'll want to invest in a combination of sterilization methods since each one has its pros and cons. Find answers to your questions about EO sterilization specifically and how it can benefit your office.

What Is EO Sterilization?

Dry heat, chemical, ultraviolet radiation, and high-pressure devices are just a few examples of sterilization methods. Ethylene Oxide, or EO, is a gaseous chemical that can be used to destroy pathogens on medical equipment.

What Are the Advantages of EO Sterilization?

One advantage of EO sterilization is that can be used on a medical device without disrupting the product's material and its efficacy. It's non-corrosive so it won't damage metal, and the method doesn't require high heat so it won't warp rubber or plastic materials.

Also, EO sterilization is highly efficient at killing resistant spores since the process can penetrate hard-to-reach places like plastic sterilization pouches.

Lastly, instead of just disinfecting a few items, EO sterilization can be used in high-capacity chambers to disinfect a lot of equipment.

Any Drawbacks to EO Sterilization?

The main downside of EO is that it can be toxic. However, OSHA and the EPA have set standards that should help you and your staff stay safe when using this sterilization method. For instance, if you use EO gas, then the sterilization device shouldn't be connected to other HVAC components and should be in a leak-proof chamber. You'll also want to have clear safety instructions or data sheets so that your staff knows the proper safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical.

How Could an EO Sterilization Service Reduce the Downsides?

Because EO can be carcinogenic, it can be beneficial to hire a sterilization service so that you and your staff don't have to deal with any risks during sterilization. An EO service will understand all the safety protocols and have the right equipment and facility to disinfect the medical equipment. You can set pick-up and delivery times with an EO sterilization service so that your medical equipment is always ready to go.

Plus, if you don't have a large office, you may not have room for processing and sterilization equipment, so a professional service can be beneficial in that regard.  Also, a sterilization service can be beneficial for smaller offices because your dental assistants will be able to help the dentists and not have to worry about running back and forth to sterilize equipment during patient appointments.

Reach out to an EO sterilization service in your area for more details.