The Truth About Short-Term Diets

The Truth About Short-Term Diets

14 August 2020
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Fad diets are typically defined as short-term weight loss programs that grow and then wane in popularity. The term "fad" has a negative connotation to it, so fad diets also oftentimes get an unfair rap. A short-term diet can actually be a good way to get your weight loss goals off to a good start. Here is a look at some of the common misconceptions about fad weight loss programs and the real truths you need to know. 

Fad Weight Loss Diets Are Often Healthy

You have to use some discernment when you come across a fad diet online for sure. Look for weight loss programs that offer a healthy mix of foods and do not restrict your calorie count so drastically that you will basically be starving yourself. As long as they don't do this, they should be a healthy and doable short-term weight loss option.  

Many Well-Balanced Fad Diets Are Made By Professionals

You can find diets consisting of all kinds of odd and questionable recommendations. That much is true, and sometimes, you may come across an off-the-wall weight loss program that has no roots in medical knowledge. These diets are relatively easy to spot. For example, you probably shouldn't trust a fad diet that states you should only eat canned tuna and raw carrots for seven days straight. Nevertheless, it is possible to find well-balanced fad diets created by legitimate professionals. 

Some Doctors Recommend Certain Fad Diets

Doctors can approve of fad diets. In fact, it is not uncommon for some well-put-together diets to actually be recommended when individuals need to lose weight quickly for the betterment of their overall health. 

It's Possible to Keep the Weight Off After a Fad Diet

If you start a diet, lose weight, and then immediately revert back to your same way of eating and your same old routine of little exercise, there's no doubt you will gain your weight back. However, if you try a short-term diet and then gain the weight back when you stop, it is not always the diet's fault that this happened. The responsibility to keep off what you lost falls on you and your own habits. It is very possible to lose several pounds with a short-term weight loss program and keep it off if you continue to make good nutritional choices. 

To learn about short-term diets or other weight loss options, look for a weight loss program in your area.