2 Mistakes To Avoid When Including A Waist Trainer In Your Workout Regimen

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Including A Waist Trainer In Your Workout Regimen

14 September 2020
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If you are trying to get back into shape, you may have decided to give your waist a little extra workout by wearing a waist trainer. However, there are wrong ways to wear and use the trainer. Besides choosing one that does not fit properly, there are a couple of mistakes that you should avoid making when you decide to include a waist trainer in your workout regimen.

1.  Neglecting to Give Your Waist a Break From the Trainer

One mistake that you should avoid making when using a waist trainer is neglecting to give your waist a break. While you may believe that wearing the trainer every day and through every workout will give you faster results, you may actually hinder your efforts by wearing it too much.

Just as with any toning or strength training exercise, when you work out the muscles in your core, the muscles develop tiny tears from the exertion. It is during the recovery periods that the muscles rebuild and strengthen themselves. If you wear your trainer every time you work out or even for more than a few hours a day, you will overexert the muscles and deprive them of the recovery period, which can delay the results that you desire.

If you tend to wear your trainer during the day, try to skip a day to give your core muscles time to rest. If you only wear the trainer during your workouts, try to limit its use to every other workout.

2.  Trying to Sleep While Wearing the Waist Trainer

Another mistake that you should avoid making is trying to sleep while wearing the waist trainer. You may believe that wearing it overnight will give you a workout while you sleep, but besides not allowing the muscles to recover, you could actually end up injuring your body.

The waist trainer works best when it is correctly fitted and stays in place. If you sleep with it on, it may slip up over your ribs, which could cause bruising of their muscles or joints around your ribs or even cut off your circulation.

While donning a trainer to help slim your waist can be effective, you need to make sure that you use it correctly to avoid issues. Speak with a health supply business that offers waist trainers for working out to get personalized advice about fitting and using the workout accessory to help maximize your efforts.