How To Keep Your Hearing Aids Maintained

How To Keep Your Hearing Aids Maintained

12 November 2020
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For those who suffer from hearing loss, wearing hearing aids can open up a whole new world of enjoying life. For this reason, it is very important to take proper care of your hearing aids so they will last as long as possible and continue to work properly. These are some important things to do to keep your hearing aids maintained. 

Handling Your Hearing Aids

Be sure to always handle your hearing aids with care to avoid getting them damaged. Wash your hands before touching the hearing aids, putting them in, or taking them out. This helps prevent dirt, skin oils, and bacteria from getting on your hearing aids that could otherwise damage them or even cause you to get an inner ear infection.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Use a clean dry cloth to remove any wax or debris from your hearing aids. Also, change the filters or wax guards frequently as these often collect wax and this may decrease the sound quality of your hearing aids. There are also special hearing aid cleaning kits that have tools designed specifically for cleaning hearing aids. These kits may include a wax removal brush, a wax pick or loop, and alcohol-free cleaning cloths. To ensure your batteries continue to have a good connection, it is also important to regularly clean the battery contacts on your hearing aids. This can be done easily by wiping the contact with a clean, dry cotton swab. Your hearing aids should also be professionally cleaned by a hearing aid specialist a few times a year as well. 

Storing Your Hearing Aids

Always store your hearing aids in a dry cool area to prevent moisture from getting on them. While some hearing aids are water-resistant, it is best to prevent them from getting wet so that the tiny electrical parts inside are not damaged. Also, be sure to store them in an area where there is something like a rug or carpet underneath the area so they will not be damaged when removing them from storage should they be accidentally dropped.

It is also important to change your hearing aid batteries frequently to avoid having them stop working unexpectedly. It is a good idea to change the batteries before they begin going dead so that there is no time when you experience hearing loss. Some who wear hearing aids prefer to change the batteries on the same day every month so that they do not have long periods of time being unable to hear.

For more information about hearing aid maintenance, reach out to a professional.