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How Your Audiologist Can Diagnose Vertigo

28 May 2020
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If you have ever suffered a bout of vertigo, then you know that it can cause extreme spinning sensations, loss of balance, nausea, anxiety, and sometimes vomiting. Before your doctor can suggest a treatment option for your vertigo, the cause needs to be determined. Here are some ways your audiologist, or hearing doctor, can uncover the cause of your vertigo. Oral History During your appointment, your hearing doctor will take a detailed oral medical history from you. Read More …

Do You Have Hemorrhoids? What You Can Do

27 May 2020
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If you have recently found that you have hemorrhoids, you may be wondering what you can and should do to treat and deal with them. There are numerous steps you can take to manage and treat your hemorrhoids. Get to know some of these steps and then, you start taking them right away to get the relief you need from your hemorrhoids.  Soak in a Warm Bath One of the ways that you can relieve hemorrhoid pain and discomfort is to soak in a warm bath. Read More …

How Stem Cell Therapy Helps Plumbers With Tennis Elbow

26 May 2020
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Plumbers have an occasionally demanding profession that requires them to do a lot of hard physical labor. In this situation, they may end up injuring themselves in unexpected ways that can be quite troubling, such as causing tennis elbow. As a result, it is important to know how stem cell treatment may help with this type of injury. Plumbers and Tennis Elbow Are Common Bedfellows Lateral epicondylitis — otherwise known as tennis elbow — doesn't only occur in athletes but in a myriad of individuals who repetitively use their elbow. Read More …

Knee Osteoarthritis Pain: Dos and Don’ts

20 May 2020
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Osteoarthritis of the knee is a particular form of arthritis, which is wear and tear of the cartilage in the knee. Knee arthritis affects millions of individuals, and it is one of the more common forms of arthritis. While it can be limiting and painful, there are treatment options that can help to minimize the symptoms and delay any further damage. As you go about managing knee osteoarthritis, here are a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind. Read More …

Spinal Decompression Therapy Can Help Hockey Players With Sciatica

18 May 2020
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Hockey players compete in a very physically demanding sport and often suffer from health problems as a result. For example, they may get pinched nerves or other problems in their back that cause sciatica, a very painful condition. Those who do may need to consider spinal decompression as a tool for recovery. This process is a very beneficial one that many have used to overcome this common back issue. Sciatica May Cause Some Athletic Challenges Read More …