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Pros And Cons Of Over-The-Counter GERD Treatment

3 August 2020
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Medications are available to treat just about any health issue you can imagine, and GERD treatment is no different. If you are experiencing severe heartburn, it is important to always talk to your health care provider as this might be a symptom of a bigger issue, but if you are trying to treat heartburn on your own, consider the following pros and cons of heartburn medication for part of your GERD treatment journey. Read More …

Is Physical Therapy Really Necessary?

30 July 2020
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If you are suffering from pain or another debilitating issue, a physician will often prescribe physical therapy as a remedy. For a host of reasons, people decide to skip their sessions, opting instead to avoid exercise or work out on their own. This can have dangerous physical and economic consequences. In this article, you'll discover three major reasons why you should never skip physical therapy. 1. Reduced Medical Bills Physical therapy can lower treatment costs by 72% when it is the first management strategy for pain. Read More …

Understanding Sclerotherapy and Brown Spotting

29 July 2020
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If you have large, extremely visible veins in your legs, then you may want to work with your doctor to have them treated. One type of therapy is called sclerotherapy, where medicine is injected into the veins to cause them to shrink. This therapy is highly effective, but it can leave you with some brown marks on the skin. Keep reading to find out why this may happen and how to prevent it. Read More …

Prostate Cancer Treatment Methods

28 July 2020
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If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you are probably looking at your treatment options. In the past, some physicians were convinced that the only effective method of treating prostate cancer was surgery. However, modern-day technology has proven that there are several options. Information on a few of the most effective methods follows. Cyberknife Radiation Cyberknife radiation for prostate cancer is like traditional radiation but more effective and modern. The cyberknife machine is situated on the end of a large mechanical arm which can bend and move. Read More …

How Minimally Invasive Scoliosis Surgery Speeds Up Recovery Of Adult-Onset Disorders

27 July 2020
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Scoliosis is a disease that can cause a lot of different types of pain and make life very difficult for those who develop it. As a result, it is critical for those with this condition to take the time needed to get surgery. And if they want a type of surgery that won't keep them out of commission for too long, minimally invasive options may be a good bet for them. Read More …