Myths You Might Have Heard About Using CBD Oil Products

Myths You Might Have Heard About Using CBD Oil Products

24 February 2020
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Cannabis has a number of medicinal properties that patients can use to address both chronic and acute conditions. In particular, CBD oil is extremely effective for treating pain, but patients may not be using these products to their full capacity as a result of being poorly informed due to these treatments still being fairly new.

Myth: CBD Oil Is Always Ingested

While it is true that there are many CBD oil products that are designed to be ingested, this is not the only option that is available. One of the more popular options for using these products is by vaping, as this can allow the patient to receive a strong dose of the CBD oil much faster than if they had to eat it. Transdermal patches can be another delivery system for CBD oil, and it can be among the most convenient. Once the patient places the patch on their skin, the CBD will start to be absorbed by the blood in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, individuals with sensitive skin may find that these patches can irritate the area where it is applied.

Myth: CBD Oil Will Never Expire

CBD oil will typically have a very long shelf life, which can allow for a person to store it for some period. However, it will suffer the same fate as other medications in that it will start to degrade and lose its potency. This can result in the CBD oil failing to provide the results and effects that you were expecting. To avoid this, you will want to be sure that you use the CBD oil by its expiration date, but this date is only accurate as long as the CBD oil is being properly stored. Once you have opened it, the container should be kept in a refrigerated setting, but you should avoid freezing it.

Myth: CBD Oil Will Provide Results Immediately

CBD oil can be an effective option for patients with chronic pain as the CBD can help to block the patient's pain receptors. Unfortunately, this process will not be instant, and patients will need to allow enough time for their CBD to take effect. The amount of time that the patient can expect this to take will largely be determined by the way it was taken. Edibles can have the longest activation. It may take a couple of hours for eaten CBD to have an effect. In contrast, vaping the CBD oil can provide results within a few minutes, but the effects will not last nearly as long.

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