6 Things to Do as Part of Your Stem Cell Treatment Recovery

6 Things to Do as Part of Your Stem Cell Treatment Recovery

21 February 2020
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Recovering completely from stem cell treatment takes time. You will need to take some time to recover before you can go back to your normal everyday lifestyle. Fortunately, there are numerous things you can do to make your recovery as comfortable and as fast as possible. The following are six things you'll want to do as part of your stem cell treatment recovery. 

1. Make sure that your home is clean and thoroughly disinfected

One of the most important things you should know about recovering from stem cell treatment is that your immune system is going to be weak at first. This means that it's important to avoid bacteria and viruses. You should have your home disinfected before treatment. Keep your home clean and germ-free in the days and weeks following your treatment to minimize infection risks. 

2. Take a break from work

You should take some time off work as you recover because you will initially feel weak and easily fatigued. Make sure you discuss the situation with your employer and arrange to have time off until you're feeling strong enough to comfortably make it through the workday again. 

3. Communicate frequently with your loved ones

It's easy for patients to feel disconnected and lonely as they recover from stem cell treatment since they are resting a lot and potentially missing out on social events. Make an effort to communicate frequently with loved ones to avoid feeling isolated as you recover. 

4. Gradually get back to your previous level of activity

You want to work at increasing your strength over time. When you feel up to it, try going for a walk to build your stamina. However, remember to be patient and make sure that you don't risk over-exerting yourself. Build your strength gradually and stop any activity immediately if you begin to feel weak. 

5. Be careful around your kids

If you have children at home, you need to take care to avoid being exposed to germs through contact with them. Kids are prone to getting sick; you don't want to be exposed to germs that cause colds while you're recovering from stem cell treatment. Therefore, you should avoid coming into contact with your children until you've had a little time to recover and for your immune system to strengthen. 

6. Adjust your diet appropriately

Your doctor will probably instruct you on how to adjust your diet while you're recovering. As a result, you'll likely eat food that has low bacteria content. This means you want to avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits for some time. If you eat fruits and vegetables while you're recovering, make sure that they are cooked or processed in some way. 

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