3 Reasons to Invest in a Laboratory Information Management System for Your Health Clinic

3 Reasons to Invest in a Laboratory Information Management System for Your Health Clinic

21 February 2020
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Laboratory information management systems allow you to run a full lab within your health clinic so you can serve patients more quickly and efficiently. Here are just a few more reasons to invest in such as system for your clinic:

Customize Patient Reporting

If you have to send your samples to another facility to have them tested or analyzed, you have to rely on the type of patient reporting they provide you with. But after investing in a laboratory information management system, you can customize the way reporting is done for your patient samples and corresponding information.

If it's important to know the exact day and time that a sample is analyzed down to the second, you can make sure your reports include this information instead of hoping that the lab you're working with can provide the information to you.

Unlike the reporting that most laboratories use to accommodate a wide range of clients, your reporting can be completely customized from top to bottom. You can even create your own reporting fields and customize the font size.

Maintain Workflow Control

A laboratory information management system will allow you to maintain complete control over workflow processes within your health clinic's lab. When you schedule a follow-up appointment with a patient after taking samples from them, you can ensure that the samples are analyzed and the reports are ready by the time the patient shows up for their appointment. You won't have to worry about another facility getting behind and failing to provide you with the reports you need by the time a patient's appointment comes around.

And you can choose the steps that should be taken by your technicians every time they input a sample into your management system, analyze the sample, and record the information they learn. You can also implement extra steps that a third party lab might not take when handling your samples which will ensure that you're providing your patients with the best care possible.

Easy Access Your Data

You will never have to request your data from another company and have to wait hours or days to access it when your health clinic has a laboratory information management system to rely on. You can tap into your data bank at any time and look up as little or as much information as you want to. You can print, fax, or email data when necessary without having to ask a service provider to do it for you. Additionally, you can have full control over who can see and have full access to your clinic's data.