Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Spider Veins

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Spider Veins

27 September 2022
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Spider veins are a problem that affects thousands of Americans of all age groups, although it is most common around people who are older and have had more time for the condition to spread. Spider veins are nothing more than damaged veins that have had blood pushed back a little more than what is normally seen, which sees the walls of the veins expand. While this is not immediately dangerous, that does not mean you should ignore your spider veins forever. There are many methods of spider vein treatment out there that can help you combat some of the more serious side effects of spider veins.

What Can Happen If I Don't Get Treatment? 

If you leave spider veins untreated for long enough then you certainly increase the chance of a blood clot, which, depending on where it forms, can be life-threatening if left untreated. The main reason why people seek treatment for spider veins is due to pain and discomfort, which is a far more common side effect that can develop over the years. These air the main issues associated with spider veins but perhaps the most common reason people do get treatment is simply that they have the visual look of their spider veins, which is also a more than reasonable motivation.

Types Of Spider Vein Treatment

Due to the fact that this condition affects so many and has for so long, there are a number of treatment methods out there and for a real, personalized prescription, you need to talk to your doctor or dermatologist. Lifestyle changes can help, as can the wearing of compression stockings and dietary changes. Minor procedures like sclerotherapy have also shown to be very effective at removing spider veins entirely with little to no risk, and there are also laser treatments that can help. Sometimes multiple treatment options are tried before the right one for you can be nailed down.

Fix It Now, Not Later

The appearance of spider veins is generally a good reminder that some areas of your lifestyle could use an adjustment to ensure that these veins do not spread or become more numerous. What that looks like exactly you will find out together with your medical professional, as it can change from person to person. The important thing is that you seek treatment before it gets worse and harder to remedy so that you can have a much more holistic recovery that doesn't just fix the physical blemishes but the issues that cause them.