Get CPR Certified As Part Of Your Career Search: Here's Why

Get CPR Certified As Part Of Your Career Search: Here's Why

16 September 2022
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In a competitive job market where employers have several applicants to choose from and people looking for a job are competing to showcase their skills and stand out, the more skills or accredited certifications you have, the better. If you have no clue what additional training or other benefits to have, then look to getting an American Heart Association CPR certification. You can take an American Heart Association CPR class or other accredited and recognized CPR class through your local community college or via a private instructor.

Getting CPR certified is not just for those in healthcare or those who work in childcare and similar industries. If you're looking for a job or to give your career a boost, getting a CPR certification can be the best course you can take. Here's why.

You show you are practical to potential employers

If you show that you are practical and value useful skills to a potential employer, they can see what an asset you can be to their company. An American Heart Association CPR certification is not only impressive, but it's also useful and employers can appreciate this skill and background in their building.

You show you have the necessary background training for certain careers

Any job sector and type can benefit from a staff member who knows CPR, but some fields can benefit even more than others. If you are a teacher, childcare worker, fitness instructor, personal trainer, or work with people on the regular, then being certified in CPR gives you an edge over other people applying for the same jobs as you are. Some careers require their employees to be CPR-certified as part of the hiring process, so you having this skill already can boost your chances of landing the job.

You show you have life-saving skills

Being CPR-certified is a benefit in any workplace because this is a life-saving skill. Employers will recognize and appreciate your awareness for human compassion when you take the time to get a CPR certification on your own dime before you're even hired and expected to do so. You can use the skills you learn off the job to help showcase your character and drive, which can help you get the dream career you want.

Being CPR-certified through an accredited training program gives you peace of mind you have the correct knowledge. Consider getting trained in CPR for several reasons, with being able to get a great job being just one of them.