4 Advantages Of Working With A Virtual EMR Scribe

4 Advantages Of Working With A Virtual EMR Scribe

12 July 2022
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Medical scribes perform an important service for doctors and patients. Their detailed notes allow doctors to recall the particulars of a patient's case, making sure no pertinent information slips between the cracks. Some doctors choose to take their own notes, which can cut into their ability to serve their patients without distractions. Fortunately, doctors can take advantage of the services of a professional EMR scribe using remote technology. Here are four advantages of working with a virtual EMR scribe:

1. Feel confident in the quality of your EMR scribe's transcription services.

Virtual EMR scribes are highly trained to take fast, detailed, and accurate notes in real-time. EMR scribes learn the correct medical terminology and notation to use for accurate, consistent records. Each EMR scribe undergoes rigorous instruction and testing to ensure that they are fit to serve patients' needs. When you hire a virtual EMR scribe, you can feel confident knowing that their notes are free of mistakes.

2. Choose the type of connectivity that best suits your needs.

Unlike traditional EMR scribes, who sit in the room with a doctor and patient, virtual EMR scribes work remotely. You will be connected to your EMR scribe using the technology that best suits your needs. If you prefer face-to-face service, you can take advantage of video chat to include your EMR scribe in each appointment. Doctors who would like to provide an unobtrusive experience for patients may opt to connect to their virtual EMR scribe via an audio call. Audio-only transcriptions can be just as accurate while also offering patients the feeling of additional privacy.

3. Gain access to EMR scribes who are always available.

Virtual EMR scribes are always available whenever you have a patient. Virtual EMR scribe services employ many scribes in order to provide around-the-clock service to their clients. You'll be able to pay for the time you use, based on the frequency of transcription you require. Many doctors find that utilizing a virtual EMR scribe service saves them money on personnel costs.

4. Provide feedback.

Finally, you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback to the EMR scribes you work with. If you'd prefer certain annotations or abbreviations specific to your practice, you can request that these be used. You can also provide corrections as you see fit. This can help your virtual EMR scribe better serve your needs as they adapt to the particulars of your medical practice.