Is Physical Therapy Really Necessary?

Is Physical Therapy Really Necessary?

30 July 2020
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If you are suffering from pain or another debilitating issue, a physician will often prescribe physical therapy as a remedy. For a host of reasons, people decide to skip their sessions, opting instead to avoid exercise or work out on their own. This can have dangerous physical and economic consequences.

In this article, you'll discover three major reasons why you should never skip physical therapy.

1. Reduced Medical Bills

Physical therapy can lower treatment costs by 72% when it is the first management strategy for pain. Physical therapy as a first option reduces the need for an MRI and surgery. Patients often opt for surgery over physical therapy due to the copays which can be $20-$50 per session with insurance and $350 without. However, surgery can easily exceed $24K while physical therapy sessions in total would amount to about $1,400.

Patients treated with physical therapy improve their odds of long-term relief from symptoms.

2. Reduced Healing Time for Injuries

A physical therapist works with patients to slowly ease them back to the full functionality with their affected body parts. They use a series of strength training, aerobic, and stretching exercises to not only treat pain but to isolate its source. Avoiding or excessively exercising after an injury can prolong the amount of time you are on the sidelines. You can reinjure yourself or even cause permanent damage. PTs are trained in unique measurement criteria to gauge your functionality and help you improve at a safe and sustainable pace. 

People seek out physical therapists for many issues not limited to sports injuries or workplace accidents such as:

  • After a stroke 
  • Pre- and post-partum
  • Arthritis
  • After suffering a traumatic injury
  • After suffering burn injuries
  • Chronic lower back pain

3. Reduce Pain and Improve Quality of Life

About one-third of American adults say that chronic back pain affects their daily life. For many, this pain doesn't have a specific cause. It is believed that chronic back pain comes from the weakening of back muscles, among other causes, due to inactivity. Persistent pain has lead to stress, anxiety, fear of moving, reduced quality of life, and depression.

Studies show that patients who receive physical therapy in addition to physiotherapy and other medical care, see a significant improvement in pain and quality of life in the long-term. Patients can expect to see improvements in pain after two weeks of therapy, continuing with improvement over months to a year.

If you are living with chronic pain like millions of others, it's time to seek out a physical therapist. It can significantly reduce your pain, healing time, and the overwhelming expense of medical care. Ask your doctor if physical therapy is an option for you or contact a local office today.