Sun Giving Your Eyes Problems? Protect Them Here

Sun Giving Your Eyes Problems? Protect Them Here

29 June 2020
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If your eyes are extra sensitive to sunlight, you might wear sunglasses to keep your eyes safe. But if your eyes still hurt when you wear sunglasses, you might need special sunglasses and eye care to protect your vision. Learn why the sun hurts your eyes and how the right sunglasses and care can keep your vision safe below.

Why Does the Sun Still Hurt Your Eyes?

If sunlight still bothers your eyes, even with sunglasses on, you could have photophobia. Photophobia occurs in people who are sensitive or intolerant to light, including fluorescent light and sunlight. Harsh or bright light can make photophobia worse in some individuals.

Photophobia can develop from other eye conditions, such as uveitis and pink eye. Conditions not related to your vision may also trigger photophobia, including migraines and muscle pain. The conditions may affect the nerves in your face and neck.

Photophobia may also cause a number of symptoms, including eye pain and headaches. The condition can cause you to squint your eyes, which may place tension on the muscles in your forehead and scalp. Bright light can exacerbate the symptoms or make them worse.

Treating photophobia isn't easy. You must see an eye doctor for the answers and solutions you need.

How Do You Protect Your Eyes From Sunlight?

An eye doctor, or optometrist, will first need to find out why light bothers your eyes before they treat you. The most effective way to diagnose the cause of your photophobia is to examine your eyes. If the exam may allow an eye doctor to detect:

  • infection in your eyes
  • inflammation in your eyes
  • nerve damage in your eyes

If you have any of the above problems, an optometrist may treat your eyes with antibiotics and/or pain medications. If you have nerve damage in your eyes, a doctor may refer you to an ophthalmologist for specialized care. An ophthalmologist may be able to repair the nerves in your eyes with surgery.

If none of the situations apply to you, an eye doctor may prescribe special sunglasses to you. The sunglasses may have darker lenses to help shade your eyes from the sun. The eyewear may also contain special light-reflective treatments in the lenses. The treatments help block direct and indirect light from the sun and other sources.

You can ease the pain and sensitivity in your eyes by contacting an eye doctor today. For more information, reach out to an eye care clinic in your area.