How Stem Cell Therapy Helps Plumbers With Tennis Elbow

How Stem Cell Therapy Helps Plumbers With Tennis Elbow

26 May 2020
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Plumbers have an occasionally demanding profession that requires them to do a lot of hard physical labor. In this situation, they may end up injuring themselves in unexpected ways that can be quite troubling, such as causing tennis elbow. As a result, it is important to know how stem cell treatment may help with this type of injury.

Plumbers and Tennis Elbow Are Common Bedfellows

Lateral epicondylitis — otherwise known as tennis elbow — doesn't only occur in athletes but in a myriad of individuals who repetitively use their elbow. For example, plumbers who use heavy tools and various types of procedures to fix plumbing problems may end up developing tennis elbow during a particularly trying job. Tearing and straining these tendons in the elbow in this way can lead to heavy pain.

For example, those with tennis elbow may experience intense pain when using their elbow, instability in the joint, and other issues that make it hard for a plumber to perform their regular duties. And while pain relievers may help minor cases, trying to "work through" the pain is likely to only worsen the pain and the tennis elbow. As a result, it is important to try options such as stem cell therapy to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

How Stem Cell Therapy May Help

Stem cell therapy is a unique care option that has been tweaked and adjusted to help a myriad of painful conditions that may otherwise impact a person's recovery. For example, injecting stem cells into torn elbow tendons can help them heal more quickly than they would otherwise. As a result, plumbers can get back to their work without worrying about injuring themselves too much in the process.

And stem cell therapy can also be used to help plumbers who experience other common health issues. For example, they can get help for problems such as rotator cuff injuries that may occur when lifting heavy pipes or other plumbing items. In this way, it is possible for a plumber to get the type of relief that they need to be a happier and healthier person for years to come in their career.

Those interested in this type of treatment should talk to their doctor to learn more about its many benefits. There are many different options that they can choose from here, each of which has benefits and disadvantages. Often, stem cell therapy is reserved for more serious tennis elbow problems that do not respond to conservative care.