How to Avoid Feeling Stiff

How to Avoid Feeling Stiff

17 March 2020
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Let's say it's the end of the day and you are feeling stiff in your joints. This can be a major health concern, especially if you have a bad back or chronic pain. You might be looking for relief in any way possible, from medication to stretches and exercises.

Fortunately, certain exercises and other treatment techniques can help you through those feelings of stiffness you have. These are a few techniques you can use to feel better in your joints and limb.

Cat-Cow Exercise

Begin this exercise on your hands and knees, your spine sitting neutral. When you inhale, bring your stomach close to the floor and feel your shoulders and chest opening. You should be arching your back, and you should be looking up. When you exhale, draw your stomach up and round your back. Your head should drop. This is a great exercise after you've been sitting at your desk all day.

Change the Temperature

A cold or warm compress can provide you with a sense of comfort. This will also ease the inflammation and can relax the muscles. This can provide some relief when you are trying to rest at the end of the day.

Take Pain Medication

Over-the-counter pain medication, like ibuprofen, can be a helpful tool when you are in a lot of pain. Combine this medication with other techniques so that you can feel better more quickly. You could even consider adding medical cannabis to your medication options. Always ask your doctor before you take any new medications or supplements.

Lose Weight

A lot of people benefit from losing weight, as extra weight can put more strain on the joints. Losing weight can relieve some of the aches and pains you feel, and you will also see other benefits of getting fit as well. This includes increased strength and flexibility.

Speak with a Medical Professional

You should talk to a doctor to see if more is wrong if you experience severe pain, notice that your joints are deformed, struggle to move your joints, see swelling increase significantly, and feel any heat when you touch the area. These are signs that more could be wrong.

A medical professional can also provide you with additional information about how to avoid stiffness and pain in your joints. Make an appointment with a medical professional today to discuss making changes to your lifestyle and health to ensure that your muscles and joints feel comfortable and relaxed after a long day at work.