Antibacterial CBD Tincture: Know Before You Try

Antibacterial CBD Tincture: Know Before You Try

16 March 2020
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Take a look at a hemp plant and you may not see much more than a leafy green plant on a hardy stalk. However, deep within this plant are some pretty fantastic things, and CBD (cannabidiol) is one of them. CBD is just one of many cannabinoids in hemp, but it is easily one that has gotten the most attention in recent years. This one cannabinoid has even been exposed as a potential antibacterial agent with similar actions as antibiotics. If you are considering trying antibacterial CBD tincture, there are a few things you should know first. 

CBD as an antibacterial agent is a new research topic. 

Research into CBD as an antibacterial agent is just beginning. So far, it has been determined that CBD:

"... effectively squandered strains of Staphylococcus aureus, including MRSA, VISA and VRSA, which cause staph infections ..."

CBD has been examined for a full range of other things, such as a potential aid for helping with anxiety, sleep issues, skin problems, and pain or inflammation related to certain health conditions. 

Never forgo necessary medications in favor of CBD. 

If you have been to the doctor and you have been prescribed an antibiotic to help you get over an illness, it is important that you follow through with your treatment and finish your medication. Not taking a full round of antibiotics can actually worsen your symptoms in some cases. If you would prefer to take CBD to see if it will help you get better instead, it is always best if you discuss the desire with your treating physician first. They can help you safely complete antibiotic treatment before you move on to a natural remedy. 

CBD may not be effective for all types of bacterial infections. 

Even though the beginning stages of research into CBD as an antibiotic are promising, there is much more that needs to be examined and properly tested. CBD may act as an antibacterial agent, but that does not mean that it can be used to help with every type of infection. Even specific groups of antibiotics that are prescribed are effective against specific types of infections. Therefore, make sure you adjust your expectations before taking an antibacterial CBD tincture. Keep in mind, however, that even if the CBD does not help with your particular infection, it can usually provide other therapeutic benefits that may be helpful when you are not feeling well.