4 Facts Eczema Sufferers Should Know

4 Facts Eczema Sufferers Should Know

29 February 2020
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Eczema is sometimes called atopic dermatitis. It usually manifests as a flaky, dry, itchy rash, and it can only be diagnosed by a dermatologist. If you suffer from eczema, you'll want to learn more information about your condition. Understanding eczema can help you better treat it. Here are four facts every eczema sufferer should know:

1. There are different types of eczema.

There is more than one type of eczema, and each type can manifest in different ways. Hand eczema typically manifests as a scaly rash over the surface of your hands and fingers. On the other hand, nummular eczema can look like sores or burns. The lesions that appear when someone has nummular eczema are round instead of diffuse. These types of dermatitis are often conditions that begin in the skin, but stasis eczema is caused by bad circulation. Your dermatologist will examine you and take your medical history into account in order to diagnose your eczema.

2. Some people can outgrow eczema as they get older.

It's possible for babies and infants to be afflicted with eczema. No one knows why certain kids develop this skin condition and others don't, but it may have something to do with an overactive immune system that can also manifest as allergies. Fortunately, some children will outgrow eczema as they get older. You should treat your child's eczema as recommended by their dermatologist but keep in mind that their condition might lessen and eventually disappear completely as they age.

3. Stress can make eczema symptoms worse.

Your mental state affects your physical body. If you're under a lot of stress constantly, you may experience more frequent eczema symptoms. Try different stress management techniques until you find one that works for you. Meditation, yoga, and daily exercise can help you relax. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you may want to consider talking to your doctor so you can get treatment. Eliminating stress is one of the best ways to get your eczema back under control.

4. Treat your eczema flare-ups.

When your eczema flares up, you will have to deal with rashes that are both itchy and painful. Don't ignore these flare-ups. The right treatment can make your eczema much more bearable. Many people find that unscented, mild lotion provides much-needed moisture and relief. If your eczema is particularly bad, your doctor may prescribe topical steroids to reduce the severity of your symptoms. If your eczema rash breaks open and becomes exposed, your dermatologist may give you a topical antibiotic to prevent infection.

Speak with a dermatologist for more eczema information.