How Employers Can Prevent Hearing Injuries

How Employers Can Prevent Hearing Injuries

28 February 2020
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All too many people fail to take seriously the fact that lost hearing is a common work injury. Individuals in all types of industries find themselves with hearing loss, but those that involve factories and construction are among the most common that lead to hearing loss.

No matter where you work or what kind of program you put in place for your employees, hearing protection should be part of your plan. It is important to consider these helpful tips to prevent hearing loss and thus significant work-related injuries.

1. Encourage the Use of Foam Ear Plugs

One of the best ways you can promote healthy hearing in the workplace is to encourage foam earplug use. Hearing protection around loud sounds, no matter the source of the noise can prevent hearing loss. This is especially the case when you have to spend eight or more hours a day around loud machinery.

2. Encourage Quiet Enjoyment of Life

Sometimes education about loud events and activities can be helpful for your employees. You can encourage your employees to pay attention to how loud the TV is and how loud the musical events and concerts are that they go to.

3. Educate Employees About Proper Cleaning Procedures

Nobody should be using cotton swabs to clean their ears. A wet rag can help you clean employees clean the gunk out of their ears without causing any sort of damage to the eardrums. Otherwise, they can injure their eardrums or push wax further into the canal.

4. Offer Regular Hearing Exams

Your company should also offer regular hearing exams to ensure that your employers are not losing their hearing. If they are losing hearing, they have access to a professional who can help them address the issue before it worsens.

5. Allow Frequent Breaks From Noise

It is also important that employees and others have frequent breaks away from the noise. They should be able to have a quiet place where they can take a break from work, for instance. The cafeteria or break room should be serene and provide a sense of calm.

6. Work with a Professional

Finally, you might consider implementing a work injury prevention program that will encourage employees to stay safe in all ways, including protecting their hearing. Preventing these health issues is much more effective than trying to treat them, so now is a great time to begin working with a pro.