Why Are School Inoculations Necessary?

Why Are School Inoculations Necessary?

27 February 2020
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Many parents struggle with the choice of whether or not to vaccinate their children. With a myriad of speculations surrounding how vaccinations affect children, it may be challenging to agree to vaccinate your kids. This can especially be challenging considering that every state has vaccination laws that must be met for children to attend school. School inoculations may seem like they are forcing a parent's hand to some people, but there are many benefits associated with this requirement. 

The Herd Effect

The herd effect is a theory that says that if the bulk of a society (or herd) is immunized the group will protect the people who are not immunized from the disease. Some children are unable to be immunized because of illness or other reasons. This is unfortunate for them. However, they may be able to be protected from the disease because of the immunizations of the other children at the school.

For example, imagine that one child becomes ill with a vaccine-preventable disease such as pertussis. If all of the other children around them are immune because of their vaccinations, the virus will have nowhere to go. Now imagine there is a child in the school who was not able to be vaccinated. Hopefully, this child will not come in contact with the first child until after they are no longer contagious since the sick child will only be around immunized children. In this way, the unimmunized child will be protected because of the vaccinations of their peers.

Protecting Families

Many school-aged children have siblings who are younger and could not be completely immunized. By immunizing all of the children who go to school, their families are also protected. This could potentially save the lives of younger children.

Save Time and Money

When a child gets sick from school, they are not the only ones who must suffer. Many parents do not have the support of caregivers around them and must miss work when their children are sick. This costs the families of the United States millions each year in lost wages. To reduce the time children are sick and out of school, school inoculations have become law. 

Protect the Future

In conclusion, there are many reasons why school inoculations ​are required and needed. You can contact health and medical resource if you and your family are still opposed; you can figure out if there is paperwork that you can fill out to protect your right to choose.