Are You Losing the Fight Against Your Adult Acne?

Are You Losing the Fight Against Your Adult Acne?

26 February 2020
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If your acne keeps coming back, or even getting worse, take control of your skin condition today. Even adults with previously clear skin can develop acne later on in life. Some forms of acne can be stubborn and hard to treat with regular gels and facial cleansers. Stop losing the fight against your adult acne with the information below.

Find the Source of Your Acne

Many sources can cause acne in adults, including medications, hormone changes, and skincare products. Although you can't prevent every source from breaking out your skin, you can do something to reduce the sources' negative effects on it. You simply need to find out why your skin breaks out in the first place. 

If your acne worsens after shampooing or conditioning your hair, try switching up your products. You can use organic-based hair products, or you can try non-comedogenic items for your hair. Non-comedogenic products contain ingredients that don't clog up the pores in your face and scalp. You can also use organic facial cleansers to wash and rinse your face. Organic products typically lack chemicals and other substances that irritate delicate skin. 

In addition to using healthier skin and hair care products, ask a doctor to examine you for hormone problems. Men and women who take contraceptives and hormone replacement pills may experience acne over time. If your medications or hormones are to blame for your acne, a doctor can find solutions for them.

If you still can't clear up the blemishes on your skin, consult a compounding pharmacy for help. 

Try Compounded Treatments

Some skincare treatments can be too strong for delicate skin. Other products might not be strong or effective enough to fight acne. To combat both potential issues, ask a compounding pharmacy to develop dermatology treatments that work best for your acne-prone skin.

A compounding pharmacy may need to contact your current physician directly before they make a product for you. A pharmacy can examine the ingredients you currently use to see if the substances are too strong, weak, or somewhere in between. A pharmacist can use the information to make skincare treatments that fight your acne at the source. 

You want to allow time for your compounded treatments to take effect. A pharmacist will give you the information you need to do so. If your compounded treatments don't work within a specific time, a pharmacist can change the strength, ingredients, or dosage of your treatments. 

For more ways to fight your adult acne and win, contact a compounding pharmacy like Camelback Compounding Pharmacy today.