4 Times IV Vitamin Therapy Is Helpful

4 Times IV Vitamin Therapy Is Helpful

26 February 2020
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IV vitamin therapy has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Basically, this sort of therapy allows you to bypass the digestive system and have various vitamins and nutrients infused directly into your bloodstream so your body can use them efficiently. But when is IV vitamin therapy helpful? Here are four situations in which you may want to make an appointment for this treatment.

1. After an exhausting physical event.

Big physical efforts can tax your body and leave you depleted of certain nutrients, as well as moisture. For example, if you run a marathon, bike a century, or take part in a fitness competition, your body is sure to be depleted at the end of it. Undergoing IV vitamin therapy is a good way to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to recover. This can help you feel energized sooner after the event, and it can also allow you to return to training much faster.

2. After a cold or flu.

When you have a cold or the flu, your body exhausts its resources trying to fight off the virus. You will start to feel better after a couple of days, but if you want to avoid getting sick again, it is important to give your body the nutrients it needs to rebuild your immune system. IV therapy with vitamins like C and E can be really helpful once you're over the hump and starting to recover from an illness.

3. After a hard night out.

It's no secret that drinking and partying are not good for you, but sometimes you just have to let loose and have some fun. If you recently had a rough night out, an IV therapy session can help ease the hangover and perk you up. The practitioner will probably include a lot of electrolytes in the IV to rehydrate you, along with B vitamins to help boost your energy levels.

4. After periods of stress.

Stress can deplete your body of various nutrients, in particular the B vitamins. If you have recently been through a stressful period, maybe a big project for work or loss of a loved one, IV therapy can be a good way to get your body back on track and help you feel better. 

IV vitamin therapy is incredibly helpful in a number of situations. Talk to your doctor to learn more about the benefits of IV therapy