3 Reasons To Work With A Physical Therapist That Utilizes The Mckenzie Method For Back Pain

3 Reasons To Work With A Physical Therapist That Utilizes The Mckenzie Method For Back Pain

26 February 2020
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Developed in the 1960s by a physical therapist in New Zealand, the McKenzie method of treatment focuses on helping patients reduce their neck and back pain. The McKenzie method focuses on extending the spine in order to centralize pain from the extremities, back, and neck so that it can be managed with exercise and other strategies. Physical therapists who use the McKenzie method seek to empower their patients through treatment and to teach them how to manage their symptoms so that they can live their lives the way they want to. Here are three reasons to work with a physical therapist that utilizes the McKenzie method for back pain.

It is effective compared to other treatment methods.

Research suggests that the McKenzie method effectively reduces back pain within the first year of treatment compared to other treatment methods. In an analysis of studies, participants who were treated with the McKenzie method reported less back pain between months 3 and 12 of treatment, and also a decrease in the number of missed workdays related to back pain or injury. The McKenzie method outperformed other treatment methods including medication management, back massage, and strength training that were reviewed in the meta-analysis.

This method empowers the patient.

The guiding principle behind the McKenzie method is patient empowerment. The physical therapist teaches the patient how to correct their posture, stretch, and exercise in order to manage their back pain symptoms. By educating the patient, the physical therapist is giving them the power to manage their symptoms as they occur. The goal is to not only treat the symptoms of the back pain, but also to help with proper body mechanics in order for the patient to avoid re-injury. The patient is able to return to their chosen activities after the healing period, and what they have learned if they experience discomfort again.

It helps to reduce pain at the beginning of healing.

Healing is a process that takes time. The McKenzie method supports the healing process by providing relief for back pain symptoms in real-time, while also running in parallel to the healing of the damaged tissues. The patient works with the physical therapist through the stages of the McKenzie method as is appropriate based on their healing progression. Additionally, the McKenzie method is customizable to the location where the patient is experiencing pain. If the patient has more than one area that is painful, then the therapist can also work to lessen that pain.

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