What Types Of Therapy Are Offered In Spine Rehabilitation Centers?

What Types Of Therapy Are Offered In Spine Rehabilitation Centers?

25 February 2020
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An injury to the spine can happen in many different ways. Dangerous situations include automobile accidents, sports injuries, and dangerous falls. Even lifting heavy weights when you already have a weak back can cause an injury. Some spinal injuries are mild and some are more severe. Fortunately for those who have suffered from spinal injuries, getting treatment in spine rehabilitation centers can often help reduce pain and help much or even all of the loss of mobility to be regained. These are some of the different types of therapy that are often offered in spine rehabilitation centers.

Conventional Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy treatments are very similar to the treatments one would receive in a physical therapy facility. However, physiotherapy treatments are often more advanced and are received more frequently in a spine rehabilitation center. These treatments include muscle stretching, massage, joint manipulation, and acupuncture. The patient may also be taught how to do neurodynamic exercises as well. This type of therapy is very hands-on between the patient and the therapist. It is used to help relieve pain, regain movement, improve circulation, and to prevent muscles and joints from being stiff or weak.

Activity-Based Restorative Therapy

This type of therapy is done to help those who have neurological injuries or spinal cord injuries to regain movement in the spine, back, and limbs. Activity-based restorative therapy involves having the patient do repetitive muscle movements while they are in a standing position. This helps increase flexibility and strength, improve gait and helps the patient become strong enough to stand for longer periods of time. This type of therapy also helps prevent certain conditions, such as osteoporosis, respiratory issues, and muscle spasms, that tend to occur to those who remain in a sitting position for extended periods.

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation, also known as FES, involves a treatment in which quick, short electrical pulses are applied to areas of the spine that are weak or paralyzed using electrodes. This treatment can help improve or regain the function of the areas of the body that were damaged at the time of the spinal injury. Sometimes FES is also used in combination with certain exercises that are performed to help improve heart, lung, bladder, and bowel function and to increase mobility.


Another type of therapy that is commonly offered in spine rehabilitation centers is hydrotherapy. This involves allowing the patient to relax in a warm pool of water doing low impact exercises. This helps strengthen and tone muscles, relieve pain and regain movement and balance.

Recovering from a spinal injury can take an extensive amount of time. However, with the help of professionals providing the proper therapeutic treatments at spine rehabilitation centers, many patients have been very successful in relieving their pain and regaining the lifestyle they are accustomed to.