How Botox Injections Can Help if You're Struggling with Frequent Back Spasms

How Botox Injections Can Help if You're Struggling with Frequent Back Spasms

21 February 2020
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If you injured your back and you're suffering from back spasms, talk to your doctor about getting Botox or botulinum toxin injections. You may need to go to a back pain clinic to receive these injections, and since they have a low risk of side effects, they might be worth trying if your doctor thinks you're a suitable candidate. This is how botulinum toxin works to help back pain and how the procedure is done.

Botox Reduces or Eliminates Back Spasms

Back pain can occur when there is damage to nerves, tissues, or muscles. When your back muscle has a spasm, it can be painful enough to prevent you from walking or working if you have the spasms often. The pain is sharp and intense, and it can even be hard to take a deep breath without triggering a spasm. Botulinum toxin helps the pain from spasms by paralyzing the muscle just like it does when injected in the face to get rid of wrinkles from facial expressions.

You'd Get Injections in a Pain Clinic

You can take the injections in your doctor's office or pain clinic. Your doctor may press on your back so you can identify the area you have pain. You might also be asked to contract the muscles in the area where you have spasms. Once the area is identified, the doctor injects the botulinum toxin solution directly in your back. Your skin is numbed first so the procedure isn't painful.

You can go home right away and go about your usual activities if you feel up to it, but you shouldn't rub the area where you got the injection for a couple of days so you don't disturb the Botox and move it around. Your doctor will provide you with instructions on what to do after you get a treatment.

Results May Not Be Immediate

It can take several days for the effects of the injection to be felt, so be patient. After several days, you should experience less pain and fewer back spasms. The results could last several months, but they will wear off eventually.

Botox injections are a form of back pain treatment; they won't cure your back problem, but the injections can be repeated when your pain returns if your back hasn't healed yet. Your doctor may want you to undergo physical therapy after you've had your injection so your back muscles and other supporting muscles stay strong and your risk of further back injury is reduced.